Eric Trump Claims His Dad Defeated ISIS In Bizarre Interview

“You had 44,000 terrorists, they’re down to less than 1,000 and they’re killing those guys off rapidly,” Eric Trump said, crediting his father for defeating ISIS.

Eric Trump defended his father, President Donald Trump, in a recent interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, with the most bizarre claim.

He thinks Trump has defeated the Islamic State.

“My father, first of all, I’ve never seen the man with a cold,” Eric said. “Second of all, he has more energy than anyone else I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

“He will out-work anybody,” the president’s son said — defending his father who reportedly spends eight hours in front of the television and spends just seven hours working.  

“He stays up, I mean the guy is incredible,” he added, before Hannity started listing Trump’s supposed promises that he made and kept, crediting an economic boom to the efforts of the president. Hannity then called out people who are “upset” about Trump’s health condition.

“With that result, watch as much TV as you want, eat as much ice cream as you want,” responded Eric, apparently boasting his father’s perfect cognitive test result — on a test meant for Alzheimer's patients to detect signs of dementia.

“ISIS is, quite frankly, a thing of the past,” Eric continued. “You had 44,000 terrorists, they’re down to less than 1,000 and they’re killing those guys off rapidly.”

The Islamic State, which became really prominent in 2014, has indeed declined, however its militants seized 12 buildings in Southwest Syria just one day after President Trump announced America had “won in Syria” in late December — a move the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights described as the largest offensive south of the country’s capital “in months.”

People couldn’t help but call out Eric on his father’s hilarious defense.






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