Eric Trump Is Not Bringing Jobs Back To America

The Trump Winery wants 23 workers, hired through H-2 visa program, who will plant and harvest grapes for spring.

Eric Trump Hiring

Apparently, President Donald Trump’s family’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Eric Trump, the president’s second son, is seeking permission to hire almost two dozen foreign workers for his Virginia winery, according to a petition posted by the Department of Labor on Thursday.

The Trump Winery, also known as Trump Vineyard Estates, LLC, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, was bought by the Trump Organization for $6.2 million in 2011. It now seeks 23 overseas workers to plant and harvest grapes there for spring. The laborers are being sought under H-2 visa program, which allows American employers to hire foreign workers if they cannot find any suitable person in the United States to do the job.

Trump Winery also states that laborers will be paid a working wage of $11.27 and the work will run April 3 to Oct. 27.

This latest request comes after the winery posted a demand for six workers who have to work in December. The job will require workers to labor outside in severe weather conditions which may drop to 10 degrees and will have them standing bent over long periods of time, according to job postings.

So what happened to Trump’s often touted phrase about bringing jobs back to America? It seems Trump and his family are exempt from following through with their own campaign rhetoric.

The H-2 visa program has brought more than 100,000 foreigners into the United States since 2003 — and this initiative has benefited Trump’s businesses a lot.

Trump-branded companies have sought to recruit at least 286 foreign workers since he started his presidential run in June 2015. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate alone has many foreign servers and cleaners.

The winery website says the estate is not owned by Trump but his son Eric, who was handed over its management by his father in 2012. However, during his presidential campaign, Trump, in a press conference at his golf course, said he owned it.

“I own it 100 percent, no mortgage, no debt,” he said.

The president’s office did not immediately comment on the subject, however, Trump has, in the past, said that it is “almost impossible” to find Americans for such jobs.

Still, since his campaign rhetoric was based on hiring American workers, many people have called him out for his hypocrisy.

“With Trump, hypocrisy know no bounds,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat from Arizona whose father came to the U.S. under a precursor to the H-2 program.












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