Twitter Users Eviscerate Eric Trump Over His Dad’s Approval Poll Tweet

“Ummm, read it again. More than half the country disapproves of the job your daddy is doing...not exactly something to get excited about,” one tweet read.


A recent NBC and Wall Street Journal poll tweeted by Bloomberg’s national political reporter Sahil Kapur shed some light over President Donald Trump’s approval ratings among general public.

The poll showed the president’s approval rating had reached 45 percent — the highest mark he has reached during his presidency and the POTUS’ son Eric Trump took no time boasting about the ratings to the public. Retweeting Kapur, Trump added three little American flags in his caption.


However, there is just one slight problem.

Trump apparently did not read the latter part of the tweet, which stated despite the rise in approval, 52 percent of Americans still disapproved of the president and that is definitely not something to brag about.

Social media users came in full force after the Trump, who was scorned for apparently not understanding how to read polls.








The ratings come amidst the hysteria caused by the POTUS’ disastrous Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Trump administration’s cruel immigration policies that led to the separation of migrant kids from their parents.

The Helsinki summit, where the president seemed to have sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies’ findings on the matter of Russian interference resulted in scathing bipartisan rebuke. As for the matter of child separations, at the U.S. border, people all across America took to roads to protest the “zero-tolerance” policy.

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