Eric Trump Says America Is Thriving: ‘Look At The Lines In Home Depot’

“I mean, go into Home Depot. Just a simple test. Look at the lines in Home Depot, right? I mean, we’re thriving as a nation,” said Eric Trump.

In case you were concerned about the United States’ economy or if the latest ADP monthly employment report, which revealed slowed job growth in private sector, had you worried, just take a deep breath and focus on the long lines at the Home Depot because everything is absolutely fine — or at least that’s what Eric Trump seems to believe.

President Donald Trump’s middle son, who apparently believes liberals are not even people and believes “nepotism is kind of a factor of life,” recently appeared on his family’s favorite talk show “Fox and Friends” and tried to convince the public (more specifically his father’s fan base) that everything is just peachy.

Following his dad’s example, the younger Trump began by slamming the media for its coverage on “nonsense” and “garbage,” aka things that actually matter, like the ongoing investigation into Trump team’s ties with Russia or the fact that Republican health care plan can push nearly 23 million people off their insurance.

“If you look at the amount of coverage that has been directed to that story and all that nonsense and garbage versus the amount of coverage directed to the fact that the Dow is at an all-time high, that the S&P 500 is at an all-time high, that the Russell 2,000 is at an all time high,” he said. “I ask everyone to do this: open up your 401K. Look at where it was on Election Day to where they are now. They’re up 15-20 percent.”

Well, for starters, Trump should thank former President Obama and his economic policies for that, considering the president has so failed to introduce concrete economic policy. It is also important to not the Republican-led Congress has also not passed any major economic legislation as of yet.

He then went to assert the country is thriving — in a weird manner, to say the least.

“I mean, go into Home Depot. Just a simple test. Look at the lines in Home Depot, right? I mean, we’re thriving as a nation,” Trump said. “Everybody wants to get focused on nonsense, on garbage, on distractions.”

Who knew you could determine the prosperity of masses by just looking at the amount of people who frequently visit retail stores.

Watch the entire video above.



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