Eric Trump: Dad’s Life Got ‘Worse’ When He Ran For Presidency

“My father’s life became exponentially worse the minute he decided to run for president,” said Eric Trump. Well, so have the lives of number of Americans.


President Donald Trump’s middle son Eric Trump, who usually steers clear of White House controversies, got candid in a recent interview with the Westchester Magazine.

Though the interview was largely focused on the everyday lives of the younger Trump and his wife Lara, the businessman also talked about how his father’s life changed after he became a political candidate from a real estate mogul.

“My father’s life became exponentially worse the minute he decided to run for president,” Trump told the publication. “He didn’t need to do this, but he was immensely frustrated with where the country was going.”

Throughout the interview, the commander-in-chief’s son made it sound like the presidency was the worst thing that happened to the former reality TV star.

“There would be far fewer headaches if it weren’t for politics,” he said.

Trump, who took over the management of Trump Organization, along with his brother Donald Trump Jr., when their father became the POTUS, also complained about the criticism his family is subjected to on daily basis for one reason or another.

"Every day, you get abused by somebody," Trump continued, "and the next thing you know, you’re being parodied on Saturday Night Live. It comes with the territory. We stood center stage with my father during the campaign and beyond."

However, he later shrugged off the backlash as he believed the Trump clan had "developed a bit of an armor." However, he did say his younger siblings, Barron and Tiffany Trump, "should be 100 percent off-limits."

However, the 34-year-old wasn’t the only one who longed for days before Trump ran for the president. His wife, Lara, in the same interview, said she would also "pine for the old days."

The couple then talked about how staying away from the public eye to live in their own little world brings them great joy.

"It’s our favorite place to be,” said Lara about their home.“Our friends make fun of us because we love simply spending time at our house by ourselves. They are always asking us to join them on trips here and there, and we just say we’re going to stay home. We love it."

Trump might have painted a very sad picture of the family being relentlessly chased and crucified by the media but the fact is his two rather politically active siblings, Ivanka and Trump Jr, along with of course the president himself, make it to the headlines mainly because of their outrageous actions, which shows how they think of themselves to be above the law.

For instance, just recently, the commander-in-chief asserted he has the right to pardon himself for crimes he’s also denying being involved in.

Also, POTUS’ quality of life might have declined ever since he decided to run for president but he has also unquestionably made lives of immigrants, LGBTQ community, African Americans and other minorities, harder with his entitled and bigoted ideology.

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