Eric Trump Thinks Bill Clinton Is ‘The Worst’ Sexist To Ever Live

Eric Trump claimed in an interview that Bill Clinton is “the worst” sexist, despite all of his father’s blatant displays of sexism and misogyny.

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During a radio interview on Wednesday, Eric Trump had the audacity to suggest that former president Bill Clinton is possibly “the worst” sexist “that’s ever lived.”

Eric Trump was speaking with Sean Hannity about Hillary Clinton’s attack on his dad’s sexism toward former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

“Seems like another day in the life of the Clintons,” Eric Trump said. “This is who they are as people. This is who they’ve been for decades and decades. I mean, Hillary’s been a politician longer than I’ve been alive. Kinda hard to believe.”

“It’s amazing when you hear her talk about sexism and these various claims, which are ridiculous, aside from obviously Bill, her husband, being maybe the worst that’s ever lived,” he added.

In a nutshell, Eric Trump condemned the Clintons for throwing stones when their own house is made of glass, so to speak.

“You can’t live one way in your private life and then speak differently in your public life,” Eric Trump said.

This is the same Trump spawn who praised his father for not mentioning Bill Clinton’s infidelity scandals during Monday night’s debate.

“I think that took a lot of courage in so many regards and I think he really answered that well and took the high ground and kept the high road,” he said of his father.

Bill Clinton may have a sordid history when it comes to relations with women, however, Eric Trump was certainly overreaching by referring to him as “the worst that’s ever lived,” considering all of the misogynistic and sexist things his father has donejust during this campaign.

Let’s not forget that the Republican presidential candidate is on his third marriage, and it is well-documented that he cheated on his first wife Ivana — Eric’s mother — with Marla Maples who went on to become his second bride.

Furthermore, it is also common knowledge that Ivana previously accused her ex-husband of sexually assaulting her. Although she later backtracked on the allegations, the stain on The Donald’s reputation lives on.

Donald Trump has consistently been unapologetically sexist toward women. Just this week he doubled down on his insulting remarks about Machado, noting how her weight gain during the pageant was “a real problem.”

Sexism is unacceptable and inappropriate on any scale, but considering his family history, Eric Trump should be careful about “ranking” other men’s misogyny above his father’s. 

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