Eric Trump Thinks Strong Women Won’t Let Sexual Harassment Happen

Donald Trump’s son naively presumes that his sibling Ivanka Trump is too strong and powerful to be sexually harassed in the workplace.

Eric Trump, son of presidential candidate Donald Trump, is once again in the news for speaking about his sister, Ivanka Trump.

Trump recently told the media that his sister is able to resist sexual harassment at work because she is a “powerful” woman, New York Daily News reported.

“There’s no question it should be addressed,” he started to say, before implying that workplace predators aren’t the problem—it’s the woman who aren’t 'strong' enough to resist their advances.”

After accusing weaker victims for their sexual harassment experiences, Trump praised his sister as a strong woman who wouldn’t be succumbed to sexual abuse in the work place.

“Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman, she would not allow herself to be subjected to it. For women who are subjected to abuse at work, he simply advised that they “take it up with Human Resources.,” Trump's son said.

Gretchen Carlson, a former cohost of “Fox and Friends” who was allegedly abused by her former boss, Roger Ailes, responded to Trump's insensitive comments about abuse victims.

“It’s very sad to see in 2016 we are still blaming victims. Trust me, I’m strong, and I was still victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace,” Carlson said.

Megyn Kelly, a news anchor on Fox News, was also allegedly sexually harassed by Roger Ailes and took offense to Trump's remarks.

Kelly retweeted CNBC correspondent John Harwood when he shared Eric's response writing: 'Sigh,' according to the Daily Mail

The presidential candidate’s son later explained his rude remarks on Twitter when he wrote, “I said sexual harassment is a 'no go' and should be addressed by Human Resources. It’s totally unacceptable behavior.”

Eric Trump is completely out of touch with reality for thinking that woman have a choice to be sexually harassed based on their strength. 

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