Sports Journalist's Anti-Cuban Tweet Backfires Spectacularly

A tweet from ESPN about poverty in Cuba missed the mark after the Twitterati used it to expose certain truths about the United States.

President Barack Obama went to a baseball game in Havana, meriting a snarky tweet from ESPN’s "SportsCenter."

The post, an attempt to highlight  poverty in Cuba right next to the place where the U.S. president and his Cuba counterpart Raúl Castro enjoyed their baseball game, was immediately ripped by the Twitterati.






And don’t forget the silly memes:

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It’s a bit rich to call out Cuba on their fancy ballpark when the conditions in the United States are no better.

In 2013, the United States housed over 45 million people living in poverty as a UNICEF report ranked the country as having the second-highest relative child poverty rates in the developed world. In 2009, around 44% of homeless Americans were living without houses, even with employment.

What adds to the irony is that a few days ago, Obama, in a televised meeting with Castro, repeatedly pushed the Cuban president to address the country’s human rights issues. Castro, responded to the POTUS’ “double standards” by stating Cuba finds the idea of a government who fails to ensure adequate food, healthcare, education and social security — a clear hit at the United States — unthinkable.

"We defend human rights," Castro said. "In our view, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights are indivisible, interdependent and universal."

When questioned about political prisoners in Cuba, the Cuban president fired back.

"Give me a list of the political prisoners and I will release them immediately. Just mention the list. What political prisoners?" said Castro.

Moreover, ESPN probably doesn’t know that Cuba’s proactive and low-cost healthcare system is considered a model for the world. And that despite limited resources and the added pressure of sanctions from the United States, the country has been able to guarantee affordable health care to all segments of its population.

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