Flight Turbulence Makes Passengers Throw Up Their Hands, Cry For God

The passengers of an Etihad Airways flight experienced a nightmarish journey as their flight suffered severe turbulence prior to landing.

A terrifying video shows an Etihad Airways flight in extreme turbulence while it was preparing to land in Indonesia.

Flight EY74 from Abu Dhabi was preparing to land at Jakarta when it was abruptly hit with turbulence, causing the passengers to cry out in fear and pray for their lives.

Thirty-one passengers on the distressed flight were injured; nine people, including some of the cabin crew, were taken to the hospital after the plane landed safely in Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta International Airport, while the rest were treated by paramedics at the airport for minor injuries.

The nightmarish video shows people throwing up their hands in terror while calling out for God and crying hysterically as the plane jolts madly in mid-air for about 45 minutes before landing.

A Muslim man is shown reciting a long verse of prayer during the end of the footage while a young woman is seen comforting an older woman.

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Pictures on social media show the chaos caused by the massive turbulence inside the plane — food and drink were strewn around the food service area and the roof and storage bins were badly cracked.

The Etihad Airways released a statement following the incident, reporting the number of injuries and damage to the plane. It also added “flight EY475 FROM Jakarta to Abu Dhabi light EY475 from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi on May 4 has been canceled. Etihad Airways has sent a support team from its home base in Abu Dhabi, and is assisting passengers scheduled to travel on this flight, by rebooking them on alternate flights or providing hotel accommodation.”

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