World’s Most Expensive Flight Is A Three-Room 'Penthouse In The Sky'

The world's "most exclusive cabin in the sky, where a truly unique and bespoke experience is delivered with complete discretion and limitless hospitality" costs a fortune.

A UAE-based airline has introduced the “world’s most exclusive flight” and, yes, it’s as obscenely expensive as you’d expect.

Etihad Airway’s three-room “penthouse in the sky” called “the Residence” will cost you $36,000 – a year’s salary for many – from New York to Mumbai.

But that’s just for a one-way ticket, mind you.  

If you want to get back on a return flight you’ll have to shell out a staggering total of $76,000.

So what does this insane amount of money get you exactly?

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As stated above it’s a three-room residence, including a living room, bedroom and an ensuite bathroom, complete with a personal Savoy-trained butler, in-flight chef and lifestyle concierge.

While the beds are covered in "designer Italian linen,” pre-flight customized gourmet food is served on 24-carat gold-plated plates.

 The previous record for the world’s most expensive flight was also held by the Emirati national carrier. Its New York-Abu Dhabi route costs a whopping $32,000 to fly in the Residence on that route.

The ultra-luxurious flight was introduced in India to make the most of the holiday season on busy routes, according to Neerja Bhatia, vice president of Etihad Indian Subcontinent.

“Maharashtra is one of the largest states in India, and its capital Mumbai is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and popular city. Mumbai to New York represents the largest premium travel market out of India, and with the busy holiday season upon us, it is the perfect time to bring our newest product to Mumbai.”

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