Players Manage To Flee In Time As Sports Hall Roof Collapses

Players were fleeing in chaos after the roof of a sports hall started collapsing. Around 80 teenagers were present in the building at the time.

Dramatic viral footage from a sports complex in Czech Republic shows players and spectators running for their lives as the roof started collapsing during a game of hockey.  

Thankfully, no one was harmed severely, although two boys suffered injured. According to Nick Schwartz of Fox Sports, there were an estimated 80 people in the building when the roof began caving in. All of them were able to escape.

Teenagers between 15 to 16 years old from various parts of the Pardubice Region were watching the game.

Everyone was taken aback after this dangerous, chaotic incident. A 16-year-old player, Jan Hranicky, from the northeastern Czech Republic city of Ostrava, was sitting on a bench with his teammates when he noticed something unusual.

“It sounded like somebody was slamming into the wall with a hockey stick. Then I spotted the opposite side of the hall and the roof falling down. We ran away and went to equipment sheds and escaped through the window,” he said.

Martin Netolický, the governor of the Czech Republic, criticized the construction as “sloppy” and “irresponsible.” 

“What was the designer thinking while supervising the construction?” he asked.

“I am very sorry about what happened, but I am sincerely glad that no one was hurt,” he wrote on Facebook.

The governor also praised match referee Jiri Nemec for ordering everyone to leave the hall, because the situation could have gotten worse had he not prompted the teenagers to leave right away.

“He prevented a disaster,” remarked Nerolický.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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