Unlike The US, Europe Is Defying Far-Right Hatred

As opposed to what happened in the United States, Europe is rejecting far-right hate.

On May 7, Emmanuel Macron became the youngest person ever elected president of France. French voters decisively rejected candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front, whose divisive rhetoric on immigrants and Muslims, hostility toward Europe, close ties with Russia and U.S. President Donald Trump and socially conservative platforms, alarmed many, both inside and outside the country.

On March 16, the Netherlands also breathed a collective sigh of relief when Mark Rutte became the prime minister after defeating his Islamophobic, anti-EU rival Geert Wilders.

And the election of Alexander Van der Bellen, a left-leaning, pro-Europe ex-Green party leader, as president of Austria, over Freedom party’s Norbert Hofer negates the fact that majority in Europe is embracing far-right extremism.

After the horror shock waves of Donald Trump as president and Brexit, centrist parties, liberals and democrats all over the Europe fear yet another victory for dangerous populism in the form of hard-line conservative leaders.

Watch the video above to see how Europe is now rejecting far-right hatred.

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