Even The Person Who Built Trump Tower Won't Vote For Him

Listen to Barbara Res, the woman in charge of constructing Trump Tower, recount her working relationship with Trump and explain why she’s voting for Clinton.

In this interview with Irish broadcaster Ryan Tubridy on RT1, Barbara Res, a pioneer for women working in construction, remembers what it was like working for Trump on the Trump Tower and several other projects for twenty years.

Res headed up the construction of New York City’s Trump Tower in the early Eighties, working directly under Trump. Regarding her former employer’s attitude towards his employees, she remembered, “He was very bright, but he was curt to the people who worked for him, which worried me a little bit.”

Res further recalled, “He didn’t discriminate against women. He hired lots of women… He did like to be around strong women.” She said he was known to believe that men typically perform better than women, but a good woman performs better than ten men.

Host Turbridy questioned Res as to how she thinks he has changed over the years. Res said that he became a different person after he built Trump Tower, which was completed in the mid-1980’s.

She said, “[There were a] series of moments in which he changed. Once he completed Trump Tower, he became a player in New York City, you could say… He became more full of himself. When he completed the casinos, he really became a celebrity. Because he would walk round the casinos and he would have the bodyguards and people would go ‘Oh, Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump.’ … It all went to his head, I think. Then he wrote the book and his book was a best seller… As time passed, he became less patient with people that argued with him and less accessible.”

“He changed towards me towards the end of our relationship,” Res continued. “He was kind of nasty to me, short with me. He was just very caustic and wouldn’t listen… He was somewhat abusive.”

Interestingly, Trump has referred to her in his campaign speeches. He doesn’t refer to her by name, but has used their professional relationship as an example of how well he treats women. “I wasn't surprised he didn’t mention my name... But I don’t know of any other women that he worked with in construction projects.”

When Tubridy asked if Res will vote for Trump, she replied, “Absolutely not. I’m a Hillary gal.” She predicts that Clinton will win the 2016 election.” What won’t go away is that the people who don’t like Trump really don’t like Trump.” She pointed out, “I think it’s a Clinton victory.”

Turbridy concluded his show with comments about the absurdity of Trump’s popularity in the U.S.


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