Evicted Woman's Roof Ripped Off Her Home While Still Living There

A woman who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon literally lost the roof over her head after being evicted with a no-cause notice.


Landlords in Portland, Oregon are going to great lengths to push out poor residents, but at least city officials are stepping in to offer assistance where possible.

One particular property manager in North Portland removed the roof over their evicted tenants’ apartments, causing them to live in flooded conditions, The Guardian reported.

Alice Biggs,55, and her neighbors received a no-cause, 90-day eviction notice in June from Capital Property Management Services. She packed up all her belongings into boxes, but she hasn’t found a new place to live yet. As she told The Guardian, “everyone is on a waiting list.”

Biggs had lived in the two-story, 18-unit apartment complex in North Portland for a decade. She said sadly, “It didn’t have to go like this.” But, Biggs wasn’t too surprised when she was kicked out from the property. She explained that her 82-year-old brother was also evicted from his home in Portland.

Her property manager began removing the building’s roof after issuing the eviction notice, but since the tenants have no place to go, they are stuck living in a damp, swampy mess due to the leaking roof.

A Portland city official finally caught wind of the injustice and demanded that management stop destroying the apartment building’s roof, who claimed they were attempting to repair the roof before the change of seasons.

Pam Pham, a representative of Anti-Displacement PDX reportedly explained how discrimination plays a huge role in Portland’s residential politics.

She said, “Everyone in Portland has this idea that we want to live in a progressive place, with walkability and biking. But people of color and those that are poor don’t have these things and are being pushed out. It’s a form of segregation.”

The property’s management has since vowed to not charge rent to the evicted tenants from the first date the leaking roofs were reported and pushed back the eviction date to Oct. 15.

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