Ex-New Hampshire Gov. Makes Crude Joke About Bill Clinton’s Infidelity

At a Donald Trump rally, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu used a crass joke to imply there’s a lack of intimacy in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage.

Along the campaign trail Donald Trump and some of his GOP cronies have brought up former president Bill Clinton’s highly publicized infidelity scandals as a means to attack Hillary Clinton.

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu decided to jump on the bandwagon by making some insulting remarks of his own in relation to Bill Clinton's infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky.

"Do you think Bill was referring to Hillary when he said, 'I did not have sex with that woman'?" Sununu quipped before the start of a Trump rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

Back in 1998 when the scandal first blew up in the media, Bill Clinton uttered the famous words, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” in denial of the allegations. However, he later admitted to having an “inappropriate” relationship with Lewinsky, who was a White House intern at the time.

There’s no telling why on earth Sununu thought such a comment would be humorous. Hillary Clinton’s marital problems and intimacy with her husband are not issues that voters will be deciding on come Nov. 8.

Unfortunately, Sununu was contributing to Trump’s common practice of making tactless remarks about his rivals. 

In addition to his wisecrack about the Clintons’ romantic life, Sununu criticized Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, at which point audience members began making offensive war cry noises to mock her debated Native American ancestry, according to The Daily Beast.

It’s no surprise that a group of Trump supporters would encourage this kind of bully mentality that Sununu displayed, considering that they are voting for a man who has insulted every minority community and then some throughout his entire campaign. 

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