This Cop, Who Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl, Only Got 3 Years In Prison

The defense attorney also tried to blame the victim by stating, “Our the mother put the child up to it, to retaliate, because he was breaking off the relationship.”


A former NYPD police sergeant has been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. His punishment? Just three years in prison.

Vladimir Krull, 39, initially faced up to 21 years in prison for sexually abusing his girlfriend’s daughter multiple times, when she was just 13 years old.

In January, a jury convicted Krull of eight criminal counts during three encounters, which included two instances of sexual intercourse with the girl — once in her home and once in his car — and one instance in June 2014 in which he ordered her to perform oral sex in his vehicle after taking the girl to a father-daughter breakfast at her school.

The victim’s father had passed away the year before and that was the reason Krull accompanied her to the event.

The girl, who is now 16, testified both in the police reports and during testimony that Krull, who was going out with her mother, began assaulting her in September 2013 when he kissed her on the mouth. The prosecution also states Krull engaged in sexually explicit conversation with his victim up until he was arrested in February 2015.

The man was finally arrested after the victim’s mother told the Midtown North Precinct what Krull did to her daughter. She was also the one who reported the record of explicit talks between her daughter and Krull.

After the jury handed down its verdict, prosecutors for the Bronx District Attorney’s Office pushed for Krull to receive a 15-year sentence. In the end, however, he was sentenced to three years for each of the three major charges — but he was allowed to serve concurrently, thus shortening a punishment by six years.


Krull will also have to register as a sex offender and will be on probation for five years after he is released.

Defense attorney Roger Blank seemed satisfied with the court’s decision and also tried to downplay his client’s action by stating “Our the mother put the child up to it, to retaliate, because he was breaking off the relationship.” So, apparently, this is yet another classic case of victim blaming.

He also tried to negate Krull’s action by playing up the man’s 12 years of service in the police force.

But Acting Bronx Supreme Court Justice Lester B. Adler was not so merciful.

“Mr. Krull, what in the world were you thinking?” Adler said. “Even if these acts were consensual, they can only be the product of a demented mind.”

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