Former FBI Agent With Islamophobic Views Trains Texas Police

John Guandolo has a history of making blatantly bigoted remarks toward individuals online, specifically directing his attention toward Muslim-Americans.

A former FBI agent with wildly anti-Muslim views is training Texas police on his supposed expertise on "the Jihadi Threat to America.”

John Guandolo has peddled his biases against Muslims for many years now, including training officers in Arizona on the very same subject he’s now propagating in Texas. The word “training” here is used loosely, of course, because many of Guandolo’s views are extreme and not based on reality.

“Mr. Guandolo is no ordinary ‘trainer,’” a recent letter from Muslim Advocates, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and two other civil rights organizations to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement explained. “... For close to a decade, Mr. Guandolo has repeated his baseless claim that a vast conspiracy exists among Muslim groups to ‘overthrow America and establish Islamic law.’”

“Through such inflammatory rhetoric, Mr. Guandolo has sought to inculcate anti-Muslim prejudice among local law enforcement authorities and communities at large,” the letter elaborated.

Countless examples abound of Guandolo’s biases — including when, just hours after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, occurred in February, he suggested that media reports of the shooter not being a terrorist were wrong, through nothing but his suspicions to support his claim.

In another example of his glaring bigotry, Guandolo took pictures of brown-skinned Transportation Security Agents and posted their images to social media, claiming they were "Sharia adherent Muslims (aka Jihadis aka Terrorists).”

It’s absolutely unconscionable that a man with such biases is allowed to train officers who are supposed to apply the law fairly to every citizen equally. Guandolo, in his public statements and social media postings alone, should be disqualified from leading any training for law enforcement, let alone from training on the subject of terrorism.

Texas officials in charge of overseeing his classes have remarkably given it the green light, explaining that there is “no concerning material” in his teaching that would render him incapable of training law enforcement.

But that’s laughable, considering the things he’s said elsewhere. Texas taxpayers are paying for a bigot to teach law enforcement lessons that are based on lies and biases. That's unacceptable. 

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Sarah Martinez

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