Ex-Fox News Contributor Helped Network Dig Up Dirt On Assault Accusers

A former Fox News contributor and current candidate for New York mayor revealed that he was hired to discredit Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Mackris.

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If you haven’t noticed, Fox News is imploding, and things don’t appear to be looking up for the network.

More detrimental news has come to light that New York mayoral candidate and former Fox News contributor Bo Dietl was hired to discredit two sexual harassment accusers’ stories, according to HuffPost.

Dietl has a professional background in investigation as a former New York detective and the founder of the Beau Dietl & Associates private investigation firm. As such, he claims that he was recruited by Fox News — thanks to his close relationship with Roger Ailes — to dig up dirt on ex-anchor Gretchen Carlson and former producer Andrea Mackris.

Mackris accused network heavyweight Bill O’Reilly of sexual assault in 2004 and reached a $9 million settlement, while Carlson’s allegations against Ailes came out last year followed by a $20 million settlement she received in September.

However, both O’Reilly and Ailes have had multiple women make claims of sexual harassment against them, which has resulted in the ending of each of their careers with Fox.

Dietl reportedly told The Wall Street Journal that he sent an investigator to spy on Mackris to try to debunk her claims that she was suffering amid her harassment allegations.

Ironically, Dietl is throwing Ailes under the bus after receiving an endorsement from him for his mayoral campaign.

“I have known Bo Dietl both personally and professionally for many years. He does excellent work and personally is a man I trust. My experience with him is that he works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and by nature is a loyal man. I have recommended him to others in the past,” Ailes said on his website.

As a federal probe into the scandal at Fox News is underway, it’s likely that Dietl expected his part would be exposed sooner or later, so he took the initiative to admit to the role he played.

It should be noted that he has previously denied that he was hired by Ailes. According to Salon, he admitted in the past to being hired only one time to investigate Mackris, but he insisted that he was enlisted by a law firm representing Fox News and not the network itself.

As the ordeal continues to unravel, the truth is coming to light and it just gets shadier by the day.

Let’s also take a moment to call attention to the irony that in addition to Ailes and O'Reilly, several conservative media personalities, including The Blaze’s outspoken blonde bombshell Tomi Lahren and self-proclaimed provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, have all been affected by career-shattering turmoil following their active roles in getting President Donald Trump elected and supporting his rhetoric.

You be the judge: Coincidence or karma? 

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