Ex-Google Bro Claims That Some Things About The KKK Are ‘Cool’

After receiving backlash, James Damore later admitted that his Twitter poll was inappropriate, but he doubled down on his controversial rationale.

In case you have already erased the name James Damore from your mental rolodex, he is the former Google employee who was fired last month for distributing a memo criticizing the company’s diversity efforts.

Damore accused Google of silencing conservative viewpoints and enforcing diversity policies to level the playing field between men and women by ignoring key differences between the two genders, the Inquistr reports.

The memo created a huge frenzy within Google’s offices and sparked even more controversy when it was leaked to the public, resulting in Damore’s termination from the company.

Flash forward to this week, and Damore is making headlines again for spewing more ignorant and insulting rhetoric. He took to Twitter to post a poll asking his followers if they would be willing to admit that titles used within the Ku Klux Klan are “cool.”

“The KKK is horrible and I don’t support them in any way,” Damore wrote, “but can we admit that their internal title names are cool, e.g. ‘Grand Wizard?'”

As expected, people didn’t respond well to such a question, so Damore rationalized his opinion in a series of follow-up tweets, suggesting that his critics had “moralized the issue.”

He went on to make outlandish comparisons between the KKK and drugs and sex in an attempt to further illustrate his warped perspective.

What Damore, apparently, fails to realize is that any logic that attempts to justify anything about the KKK is a moral issue.

This way of thinking that aims to humanize an organization that murders people in cold blood for the color of their skin and advocates genocide is incredibly dangerous.

There’s no way to separate morality when discussing a hate group. This is exactly why the public erupted in disgust and shock when President Donald Trump declared there were "very fine people” participating in the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally that turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month.

After receiving backlash, Damore tried to smooth things over with another series of tweets, declaring that his initial point was taken out of context and admitting that his poll was inappropriate. 

Damore’s little Twitter stunt was clearly a cry for attention now that he is unemployed and, virtually, irrelevant.

It seems he is trying his hand at a new career as a conservative troll provocateur, joining the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, Richard Spencer, and every single person at Breitbart.

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