Ex-Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Dumps Husband For Not Liking Trump

Former NFL cheerleader Lynn Aronberg's marriage is over due to her strong support of President Donald Trump causing a rift between her and her Democrat husband.

As if President Donald Trump hasn't been at the center of enough drama recently, reports have surfaced that he has ended a marriage.

Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lynn Aronberg, 37, has split from her husband due to their political differences, Raw Story reports.

The couple released a statement in which Aronberg was described as a “staunch Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump.” Meanwhile, her husband — Florida state attorney for Palm Beach County Dave Aronberg — is a Democrat, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Their differing views led to Lynn Aronberg feeling "increasingly isolated in the marriage," and now their split is being dubbed the "Trump Divorce."

While her marriage may be irreparable, Lynn Aronberg is gaining a $100,000 divorce settlement, which includes a new BMW and $40,000 cash.

Unfortunately this is far from the first relationship to be broken thanks to Trump.

“Since the election and the inauguration the most frequent issue is a difference in emotional intensity between partners," said relationship therapist Jean Fitzpatrick. “Usually both are unhappy with the administration, but many women are taking it more personally than their male partners. They are still outraged by the 'pu**y-grabbing' video and deeply concerned about reproductive rights."

The Aronbergs' case is slightly different than the situations Fitzpatrick refers to in that it was the woman's fervid support of Trump that led to their demise; however, the fact remains that the tense political climate amid the Trump era has made it increasingly difficult for couples to overlook their partner's opposing political views. 

Trump isn't just dividing the country; he's dividing households. 

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