A Look Inside The The 'Uninhabitable' Olympic Village

Rio de Janeiro is less than 10 days away from the 2016 Olympics, but still hasn’t got its head around managing the event and its preparations effectively.

The 2016 Olympics are all set to kick off in the first week of August, but Rio de Janeiro is under constant fire for one reason or another amid worries about the games.

Although athletes from a number of countries have already arrived in the city and are preparing for the 2016 Games in full swing, Australia’s team refused to move into the Olympic village since they deemed it unsafe and uninhabitable.

New images that emerged from the village showed water leaking down walls, exposed wires hanging from the ceiling and broken tiles and plaster left on the bathroom floor as work in the apartments still remained incomplete.

Apparently, there are several plumbing issues that need to be sorted out, and although contractors are continuously working to get the job done, this comes rather late in the day. Authorities should have ensured that these basic facilities in the athletes’ apartments and rooms were already taken care of before they actually reached Brazil.

For now, the Australian team has moved into nearby hotels, and is patiently waiting until their accommodation are fixed, so that they can live in safe conditions.

Interestingly, the Rio 2016 communications director, Mario Andrada is “disappointed” that the athletes have not found the accommodation to their liking.

“We are not ashamed of what has happened, but we are sad that not all the athletes have found (the accommodation) to their liking,” he said.

It is about time that Rio ups its game and takes control of the situation, since security, health and other concerns like the economic conditions in the country have led to significantly low ticket sales. If these issues are not dealt with right now, the Olympics could turn into a major flop (if it hasn’t already.)

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