Ex-Seattle Police Officer Found Guilty Of Raping Own Daughters

A former cop in Seattle, Washington, was found guilty of repeated sexual abuses and assaults against his two daughters. He currently awaits sentencing.

A 21-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department was found guilty of more than a decade of abuse against two of his daughters last Wednesday.

Sgt. Daniel Amador, 46, was convicted of first-degree child molestation, second- and third-degree child rape, and first-degree incest. He has not yet been sentenced for his crimes.

The details of Amador’s misdeeds are extraordinarily horrendous. His two daughters, now ages 24 and 19, detailed abuses that began when the older of the two was 9 years old.

Going by the name A.B., the older daughter explained a practice her father called “pinnings,” where he would regularly lock her in the room with a dresser blocking the doorway, holding her down on the bed and forcing her to talk with him for hours, often with unwanted touching or rape occurring.

The younger daughter, known as C.A. in court records, did not know of her sister’s ordeal, being told to watch cartoons for hours at a time by her father when it was happening. Although ignorant of her sister’s abuse, C.A. was subjected to similar “pinnings” herself, although for her they were more about punishment.

The two were prevented from telling anyone about their abuses by the father, who said that child protective services would tear the family apart if they found out, and that he could also lose his job. A.B. was also told her abuse prevented her father from attacking her younger sister.

“If nobody knew and I just let it keep happening to me, I would be protecting her from it happening to her,” A.B. said in court testimony. “... If I helped keep CPS away, it would help keep us together.”

A.B. finally determined after entering college that she had to tell C.A. about what had been happening since she was 9, since her father had recently re-married and was expecting another daughter. The two agreed to turn their father in to police in 2016.

Police officers are charged with protecting the people within their jurisdictions, and when they fail to uphold the law themselves it can be incredibly damaging to that community in many ways. The heinous crimes perpetrated by Amador are especially despicable — he committed them against his own daughters, for many years on end, manipulating them into silence while doing so.

We must be more encouraging of young women being open about sexual abuses if they occur, in their homes and elsewhere. These two women endured years of abuse. Hopefully, women in similar situations elsewhere can be confident that they can bring their abusers to justice, too.

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