Facebook Selfie Helps Police Catch Murderer On The Run For 7 Years

An Indian man who had been on the run for nearly a decade is finally in prison after a selfie posted on Facebook blew his cover and led to his capture.

facebook selfie

After being on the run for seven years, an Indian murderer has been arrested all thanks to a Facebook selfie.

Mani, 45, had been in hiding since 2009 when he killed his wife in a “fit of anger,” according to The Times of India. He moved to the state capital Chennai and took on a new identity.

He successfully evaded the police, leaving them with no trace as to where he could be found, and his family was convinced he was dead.

In reality, Mani was alive and well and had been working in a restaurant for the past three years. One of his relatives came across his photograph on Facebook, taken at the restaurant where he worked.

After alerting four other family members, they banded together to investigate even further by visiting the restaurant.

Their suspicions were confirmed when Mani ran away after noticing them. His family informed the Chennai police who located and arrested him. 

While social media can be viewed as a gift and a curse, this particular instance led to closure for the loved ones of the woman who was killed.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @News_Cult

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