Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s MAGA-Style Speech To UN General Assembly

Here are the lies and misleading statement the world might have missed while it was busy laughing at President Donald Trump’s UNGA speech.

President Donald Trump may have become a laughingstock for world leaders after bragging about his administration’s supposed accomplishments, but his speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) was no laughing matter.

In fact, it was a testament to the commander-in-chief’s nationalist ideology.

To put it frankly, no one was expecting the commander-in-chief to give a stellar performance – particularly after the “Rocket Man” stunt he pulled last year while criticizing North Korean despot Kim Jong Un.

In typical Trump fashion, the UNGA address was riddled with falsehoods, misleading statements and blatant exaggerations. It felt like the president had mistaken the world body’s annual meeting for one of his “Make America Great Again” rallies where he tends to go on and on about defending the United States’ “sovereignty.”  

However, despite all the shortcomings and embarrassing moments, Trump managed to convey one message rather clearly during his 35-minute speech: he and his administration will do as they please and no one can stop them.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than any administration in the history of our country.”

The POTUS began his speech by bragging about his administration’s supposedly amazing work. While it’s not unusual for Trump to boast about his “achievements” since taking the office, what actually surprised people across the world was the laughter that arose in response to the comments.

It was a reminder the world leaders didn’t see Trump as the leader of the United States, they saw him as an accidental comedian who’s not particularly good at his job.

However, chuckles aside, the opening remarks were not true at all.

Sure, the unemployment rates for minority communities have reached record lows, but what about the GDP, which saw better growth back in 2014? Also, the wage growth is still incredibly slow, with a meager 0.2 percent increase in average hourly earning recorded in August.

“We have passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.”

Again, his claim was not entirely true.

Trump and the Republican Party have been touting their tax reform legislation as the “biggest tax cut in U.S. history.” However, measured as a percentage of GDP among other metrics, it is certainly big but definitely not the biggest.

Donald Trump

“We’ve started the construction of a major border wall, and we have greatly strengthened border security.”

That’s also a lie.

While fences and barriers along the border are being replaced or reconstructed, the work on Trump’s long-promised “big, beautiful” border wall is far from beginning. Through out his contentious election campaign, the former reality TV star promised his followers to make Mexico pay for the structure – something that Mexican government has repeatedly refused to do so.

Trump also sought help from Congress and even threatened to shut down government several times if the funds for the border wall construction weren’t approved, but to no avail.

“Our trade deficit ballooned to nearly $800 billion a year.”

As the New York Times reported, the U.S. had a trade deficit of $552 billion in 2017, according to data provided by the Census Bureau. It means Trump was off by about $250 billion.

“Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries on Earth.”

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse because of a massive food shortage. People have lost their lives fighting for food in the country. Food shortages have intensified overtime, leaving people with no choice but to eat rotten food, food meant for animals and even garbage to stay alive.

According to a university study, almost 87 percent of the people living in Venezuela are in poverty. 

While the country’s economic crisis has gotten worse in recent years, it was never considered one the richest countries in the world.

Donald Trump

“The bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria.”

“Thanks to the United States military and our partnership with many of your nations, I am pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria,” Trump told the foreign leaders. “We will continue to work with friends and allies to deny radical Islamic terrorists any funding, territory or support, or any means of infiltrating our borders.”

Ironically, his comments came days after four gunman opened fire during a military parade in Iranian city of Ahvaz, killing 25 people. Isis has since claimed responsibility for the massacre.

“The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have pledged billions of dollars to aid the people of Syria and Yemen, and they are pursuing multiple avenues to ending Yemen’s horrible, horrific civil war.”

While it’s true that these Middle Eastern countries have pledged billions in aid to those suffering in the war-torn regions, Trump’s remark downplayed the role these countries played in Yemen and Syria’s civil wars.

In August, Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen backed by Western powers killed 51 people in an airstrike targeting a school bus in the Saada province in northern Yemen. At least 40 of the victims were innocent children.

As the death toll was updated to reflect the cold reality of this brutal war, it was reported the bomb used in the horrific attack was American-made, adding an even darker shade of shame to this bloody war for control over the Yemeni canals that has helped to spread famine and misery across the impoverished country.

“So many countries in the Middle East strongly supported my decision to withdraw the United States from the horrible 2015 Iran nuclear deal and re-impose nuclear sanctions.”

Earlier this year, Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. While the rest of the world denounced his decision to back out of the deal, two allies –Saudi Arabia and Israel – hailed his decision as “bold.” The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain also congratulated and praised Trump for the move.

However, several prominent Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon openly criticized the move.

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