Fake Russian Soldiers Stand Guard At Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star

"The president now has security out there on the boulevard protecting his star. That's what comrades do for other comrades,” said late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.


In yet another attempt to deface President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, a 24-year-old man used a pickax to completely demolish the symbol last week.

Days after the destruction, it appeared the commander-in-chief’s star has acquired its own security team, as two men dressed as Russian soldiers were noticed standing guard over the remains of the star embedded on the sidewalks of California.

The two stone-faced satirical Soviets were spotted dressed in olive green uniforms and thick hats, standing undeterred in the 90 degree California heat, carrying a Russian flag.


The latest demonstration was a clever way to protest the president’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin to sway the 2016 presidential elections in his favor.

The commander-in-chief came under strict scrutiny after the controversial Helsinki summit in which Trump spoke highly of Russian President Vladimir Putin– the man who might have overlooked an attack on the America’s democracy – and dubiously about the nation's intelligence agencies.

Subsequently, people questioned whether the president’s allegiance belonged to Putin or the people he was tasked to serve and protect. Trump was blasted over social media for his meek behavior in front of the despotic Russian leader and blatant disregard for the country’s reputable departments.

However, by making men reminiscent of a Soviet officers’ stand over the president’s decimated star, the critics have really drove the point home of how Americans in majority believe that Trump and Russian officials are safeguarding one another’s dirty secrets by acting oblivious to the facts and findings that suggested otherwise.

Moreover, the protest which was undoubtedly a genius way to make a point, also drew attention of late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

"The president now has security out there on the boulevard protecting his star," Kimmel said while airing footage of the men on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "That's what comrades do for other comrades. If anyone even thinks about trying this [again], those guys will be there to say, 'Nyet.'"

The Walk of Fame star of the former business mogul has become a common site for anti-Trump protests where people regularly allow their dogs to defecate on it, while others have used spray paint to deface the monument.

The star that was destroyed will likely be replaced again. But perhaps the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce ought to reconsider putting it back out there, as people have made it clear they are aware of the president’s suspicious dealings with the autocrats and will no longer let the name of man, who apparently doesn’t have the country’s interest at heart, be alongside other names who have earned their place to be on the famous walk.

Banner Image Credits:  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

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