Reporter Calls Out Trump’s Lie Of US Being The Highest-Taxed Country

“You repeatedly said that we’re the highest-taxed nation in the world…when that’s seen as being objectively false.”



President Donald Trump has been on about the United States being the highest-taxed nation in the world, for quite some time.

However, like many of his other claims, this is false but that didn't stop him from trumpeting it over and over. He also recently tweeted about it.


However, one reporter had had enough and decided to callout Trump on his tax lie — to his face.

Mike Sacks, a political correspondent for Scripps, was caught on camera telling the president how his claims were a lie at a White House event.

“You repeatedly said that we’re the highest taxed nation in the world…when that’s seen as being objectively false. With the credibility you need to pass tax reform, why did you say it?” asked the reporter.

 “Some people will say it differently,” responded the president. “They’ll say we’re the highest developed nation taxed in the world.”

“Then why are you saying it that way?” Sacks insisted.

“Because a lot of people know exactly what I’m talking about,” Trump opined. “But in many cases, they think I’m right when I say the highest. As far as I’m concerned, I think we’re really essentially the highest. But if you would like to add the developed nation, you can say that too.”

“But a lot of people think the way that I’m saying it is exactly correct,” Trump added before walking away.

However, Trump’s response was also a lie.

Most countries with lower share of taxes to gross domestic product are the under developed economies. When a limited comparison is made where just developed economies are taken in account, almost every other country pays a higher share of its economy as taxes.

Among the developed countries, the U.S. is ranked in the middle for both revenue collection per person and individual tax income, when compared with the roughly three dozen developed countries tracked by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

People had a lot to say about Trump's misleading statement:











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