Family Horrified When Hidden Camera Shows Mom's Caretaker Abusing Her

A family caught their mother's caretaker abusing her via hidden camera. Now, they're pursuing legal action after the police let her off with a warning.

When you hire a caretaker for an elderly family member, you trust that they will act with love and compassion. But one family was left devastated when hidden camera footage caught their mother's caretaker hitting and abusing her. 

Stacey George, 46, was hired by Sabina Marsden's family to take care of their elderly, Italian mother who speaks little English and suffers from dementia.

When daughter, Gina Owen, began to suspect that George wasn't paying enough attention to their mother, they installed a hidden camera to give them some insight on the situation. But what they ended up seeing was truly sickening. 

The footage shows George yelling at the 78-year-old woman, screeching "God you stink," while ripping a blanket from her body, leaving her half naked and crying.

George then struck Marsden repeatedly while the woman sat unable to defend herself. 

Owen immediately rushed over to comfort her mother and ordered George to leave.

"When I came into the house to see her, I came in so calm and just said, 'I'm sorry, I'm going to have to let you leave because I caught you slapping my mum on the camera,'" Owen said.

Owen reported George to the company Mega Care, from which she was let go. The family also reported George to the police and said they were absolutely stunned and infuriated when they let George off with a warning. 

"I'm not happy she got a caution because mum was just sat there not doing anything. My mum doesn't speak. She's Italian. All she said was 'mamma mia' when she got hit. My mum couldn't hit her back or nothing," Owen explained. 

In a desperate attempt to get some kind of justice for their mother, Owen's family is pursuing legal action against the caretaker service Mega Care. 

"Mrs. Marsden's family felt let down not only by Mega Care to whom they entrusted their mother's care but also the Criminal Justice System which saw the offender being issues with just a caution," explained Lauren Kennedy, who is acting for Marsden and her family. 

This is truly a case in which the criminal justice system completely let down the citizens they are sworn to protect. To discover that your mother is being abused by someone your family trusts is crushing, but to have actual evidence of the abuse and for the police to do nothing is absolutely astounding. 

By letting George off with a caution, they have not only failed at their job to serve and protect, but they have also allowed a known abuser to remain free to abuse another person in need.

There is not much that is more disappointing than that. 

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