Family's Dog Dies On United Airlines Flight After Two-Hour Delay

A Houston family awaits answers from United Airlines following the sudden death of their 5-year-old dog in the cabin hold of one of its delayed flights.

United Airlines' reputation isn’t getting any better, with the latest complaint against them involving the death of a family’s dog on Sunday.

A 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lulu belonged to the Rasmussen family of Houston, Texas. She passed away in the cargo hold of a United Airlines aircraft that was delayed for two hours, ABC News reports.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the long holdup was due to weather conditions. 

"We are still waiting for answers, but what we do know is that our flight was delayed on the runway in Houston for almost two hours," the family reportedly said. 

The family learned of Lulu’s passing when their flight landed in San Francisco. They have not announced whether they plan to take action against the airline, but United has since apologized for the tragedy.

"We are so sorry to learn of Lulu’s passing and have reached out to our customer to offer our condolences and assistance. We are deeply upset any time an animal suffers an injury while traveling with us and especially grieved in the rare instance that one passes away. We are conducting a thorough review of this incident," United said in a statement.

Alas, animal deaths on United flights aren’t actually so "rare" according to ABC News, which reports that since 2012, one-third of all animal deaths on U.S. carriers happened while flying with United Airlines.

Nevertheless, this incident serves as yet another scandal for United following the infamous dragging ordeal earlier this year and a situation last month when one of their extended delays allegedly caused an infant to overheat.

Was there enough oxygen flowing through the cabin hold? Was the temperature too high? There are many unanswered questions surrounding LuLu's death, but it's clear that United Airlines officials need to make some drastic changes to their practices before they completely destroy their brand with these constant mishaps. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Lasse Fuss

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