Fans Flock To Restaurant Where It All Began For Chef Anthony Bourdain

Tributes, letters, flowers, and more were plastered to the windows and left by fans of the late chef in front of Les Halles restaurants in New York City.

Fans have flocked to a duo of restaurants where late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain gained his notoriety, paying tribute to him by leaving letters, flowers, and more on the windows and doorstep of the establishments over the weekend.

Bourdain, 61, died from an apparent suicide last week. Fans were shocked to learn of his death, and a number of them came to two restaurants, both called Les Halles, located in New York City to pay their respects. The restaurants are now closed, but Bourdain worked at Les Halles for eight years before penning an op-ed to The New Yorker that itself led to a book deal and other opportunities for him to travel the globe in search of good eats.

Fans came to these locations, leaving remembrances for Bourdain on the doorways, windows, and other parts of the property, a testament to how loved the celebrity chef was. Many also took note of Bourdain as a humanitarian, someone whose work went beyond just food, allowing viewers of his “Parts Unknown” television program to see the world outside of what some media have otherwise negatively portrayed.

Below is a sampling of letters fans wrote to Bourdain.

Bourdain will long be remembered as someone who brought to living rooms across the nation a world of delicacies previously unknown to them. But much more than that, he will also be known as someone who wanted to bring together the human race, to look beyond our differences and borders, to highlight that we are one people who should not hold prejudices against one another.

His death is a tragedy that has hit fans hard. So many admirers are flocking to where it all began for the celebrity chef to pay their respects in a very visual way, which demonstrates how meaningful Bourdain was in their lives — and how he won't be forgotten by those he touched the most.

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