Someone Stole Far-Right German MP's Clothes While He Swam In A Lake

Alexander Gauland had to walk half-naked through the streets – a moment that was captured on camera and is taking social media by storm.


An unidentified person reportedly stole the clothes of a co-leader of Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany party while he was swimming in a lake outside Berlin.

Alexander Gauland, co-leader of the AfD's parliamentary wing, then, had to walk to the police station clad in nothing but his bathing shorts, a moment that was captured on camera.

The alleged incident occurred less than a week after Gauland downplayed the actions of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis during the Second World War as “just a speck of bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history”. The politician is also notorious for his repeated attacks on Islam, especially Muslim migrants.

The identity of the thief is not yet known. However, German media reports the unknown suspect either shouted "Nazis don't need bathing fun" or "There's no swimming for Nazis here" before stealing Gauland's clothes.

According to Gauland's statement to the local Maerkische Allgemeine newspaper, other bathers called the police without asking him. He has reportedly filed a criminal complaint.

Meanwhile, many users on the internet have been making fun of the German politician's photo.




The incident has also prompted debate over publishing Gauland's photo. Germany's largest tabloid newspaper refused to print the image.


However, for many, the unidentified thief is a hero since he, while committing a petty crime, used a non-violent tactic to protest against a far-right politician who once said Germany should be "proud" of its WWII soldiers, who, by the way, comprised of Nazis, who killed nearly six million Jews during the Holocaust.

That's nothing to be "proud" of.



Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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