Far-Right Activist Kicked Out Of Trial For Pulse Shooter’s Widow

Laura Loomer, who has previously worked with Project Veritas, is best known for interrupting a New York production of Julius Caesar last year.



Far-right activist and provocateur Laura Loomer was removed from the federal courthouse in Orlando on Thursday, where Noor Salman, the Pulse nightclub perpetrator’s widow, is on trial for allegedly aiding a foreign terrorist organization and obstructing justice.

Despite having her press credential for the trial revoked on Wednesday for harassing Salman’s family, Loomer reappeared at the trial the following day. She was escorted out of the building by a court marshal.


Loomer and other reporters waited outside the courthouse on Wednesday while Salman’s family spoke to the journalists.


When responding to a reporter’s question about what Salman would do if exonerated of all charges, family spokeswoman Susan Clary said, “She will return to California to be with her son. He was asking if she was going to be home to color Easter eggs. I’m not sure whether that’s quite possible — we can be hopeful about that.”

Loomer then asked, “You said her son wants to color Easter eggs, but isn’t Noor Salman Muslim? Why is she celebrating Easter?”

Salman’s cousin replied, “We believe in all religions.”

Loomer asked a follow-up question about Muslims coloring Easter eggs and received another reply. As the family began walking away, Loomer reportedly followed and began asking questions about whether jihad meant conducting Islamic terrorism. Clary said Loomer then stuck her phone in the faces of family members.

The court later sent an email saying it had revoked the media credentials of a previously approved reporter who had taken part “in highly inappropriate behavior with the Defendant’s family members outside the courthouse.”

Loomer said on Thursday that she had obtained legal counsel after the incident, her removal was unconstitutional, and she was not harassing family members.

Loomer has previously promoted conspiracy theories and engaged in dishonest agitation to promote her political beliefs. Her past exploits show her “journalistic” efforts and political agitation are hardly fact-based but rather rely on deceit, conspiracy theories, and contortion of facts. In 2015, she tried to lure staff members from Hillary Clinton’s campaign into accepting illegal donations. On Election Day, she wore a burqa to a polling station and requested to vote as Huma Abedin.

Her confrontational tactics depend on distracting political focus to advance her ideological motives, instead of engaging with policy discussions being raised. After the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Loomer maligned student activists as puppets. Rather than attempting to both critique the FBI for its glaring intelligence failures and consider restricting the sales of assault weapons like AR-15's, she instead falsely accused a Democratic politician of lying about former gun laws.

Loomer is hardly a journalist. While it’s difficult to predict how people will act, her harassment of Salman aligns with her history of deception, which she superficially justifies with claims that she is pursuing the truth.

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