Mother Spews Racist Vitriol Over Biracial Daughter’s Cornrows

“Your child is mixed, sweetie. She’s half white and half black. Her skin tone doesn’t affect their race,” Nick Harris reminds his wife, who is white.

A Delaware-based barber wove cornrows on his daughter’s head and took a photo to share it with his wife, who turned the adorable father-daughter moment into an unsettling anecdote of racism.

Nick Harris shared the unsettling story on his personal Facebook page. His wife, who is white, has only been identified as Sam.

After Harris sent the photo of his daughter wearing the cornrows, Sam replies by expressing her anger.

“Ru serious. Just wait til Tuesday. I am so pissed off,” says a reply by user “Babymom” in Harris’ phone contacts in one of the screenshots.

In response, he remarks the child “looks great,” adding “she doesn’t look ‘too black.’”

And that’s when Sam replies, “No she looks black and she’s not!”

Harris then quickly reminds Sam that “your child is mixed sweetie. She’s half white and half black. Her skin tone doesn’t affect there (sic) race.”

The argument continues and Harris eventually writes, “It truly amazing me that (sic) hate half your daughter,” later adding, “You don’t have to embrace half of your child’s culture. You can continue to speak like the racist bigot you are.”

 “Ok I will,” says Sam.

Harris posted screenshots of the exchange with the caption, “So I don't really like to bring my drama to Fb . But I'm just curious if I'm crazy or if anyone else has ever dealt with a similar situation . I need advice.”

The post has been shared by over 11,800 people. Here's what some people had to say:

Harris has not responded to the thread yet.  

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