Father Seeks Help From Twitter To Find Rare VHS For Autistic Son

The British dad used Twitter to find a rare VHS for his autistic teenage son and received a slew of responses. Even celebrities stepped in to help.

A determined father took to social media to ask for help in finding a rare VHS for his autistic son. Thankfully, the internet did not disappoint.

James Dutton posted a tweet asking his followers if they knew where he could find a "Postman Pat" VHS for his 19-year-old autistic son.

The teen had put the item in his Christmas list, and his father was doing all he could to fulfill his wishes.

Thousands of Twitter users replied and retweeted the post; even celebrities tried to help. Eventually, Dutton was able to locate the item, but he was overwhelmed with the number of people offering to help.

The response was so heartwarming that even people who work at the company that produced "Postman Pat" videos, as well as BBC personnel, sprang into action.

“I didn’t imagine when I posted my original tweet yesterday that it would gain quite so much momentum,” Dutton told reporters.

“I have very few followers on Twitter so I asked my brother Julian (who has over 10k) to retweet it yesterday morning, and ever since then it’s gone mad,” he added. “So many wonderful offers to look in attics, garages, and charity shops.”

According to Dutton, the copy he is going to pick up to give his son for Christmas was located after Brendan Cole from the BBC One show "Strictly Come Dancing" retweeted his post.

“It was very heartwarming,” Dutton said.

In a time when heartbreaking news seems to be most prevalent, it’s truly important to raise awareness to stories like this to prove that kindness is much more powerful, revolutionary, and will bring many more people together than hate.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Matt Brown

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