Father Of Gun Violence Victim Says NRA Are ‘The Real Terrorists’ In US

The father of a victim of gun violence brought out his fighting words against the pro-gun conservatives who accept money from "terrorist" group, the NRA.

In the days following the Senate’s refusal to pass new gun control measures, Andy Parker, a gun control advocate from Virginia, boldly spoke out against specific members of the Senate and the National Rifle Association this morning on CNN.

He not only accused the NRA of being “the real terrorists” for swaying the votes of the Senate, but further stated that gun control obstructionists should be imprisoned for treason.

His daughter, WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, was murdered while reporting live on television last year in August in Moneta, Virginia. Her father has been advocating for gun control ever since her death.

andy parker

In an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello, he reiterated his firm stance in favor of gun control in the U.S. and stood his ground against Congressional lobbying pursued by the NRA.

“The terrorists are the folks at the NRA. Those are the real terrorists,” he said. “Unfortunately, you have politicians that have pledged allegiance to the NRA instead of the United States of America… [Terror and gun control] go hand in hand.”

Parker called out Republicans Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority Leader of the Senate, Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, as “obstructionists,” declaring that if it were up to him “they would be wearing orange jumpsuits.”

Watch his interview below.

In 2014, the NRA gave money to 40 percent of Congress. Each of the pro-gun conservative Congressmen who Parker named are widely known to have received exorbitant amounts of money from the NRA to secure their pro-gun stance.

Earlier this week, Parker described the Senate’s vote against gun control measures as "treason," which is hardly an understatement.

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