Ohio Father Attacks Daughter's Killer In Court

Sex offender and murderer Michael Madison just smirked as the anguished father lashed out.

38-year-old Michael Madison was sentenced to death on Thursday for murdering three women, Angela Deskins, Shetisha Sheeley and Shirellda Terry, in Ohio.


Terry’s father, who was giving a victim impact statement, suddenly lost it in the courtroom when his daughter's killer smiled at him. Van Terry leapt over a table to attack Madison, but the killer just laughed and casually moved backwards in his chair as deputies subdued Terry.

Shirellda Terry was 18 when Madison murdered her in 2013. The victims' bodies were found wrapped in garbage bags near the apartment building in East Cleveland where Madison lived.


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A cable television worker who was in the nearby area noticed a strange smell coming from Madison’s garage and called the cops.  The police retrieved a decaying body from inside, while two other bodies were found around the same area.

Upon investigation, Madison told the police he had deliberately strangled two women but could not remember murdering the third.


Madison’s lawyers argued his behavior was a result of a rough childhood where he was abused by his stepfather, friends, family and even a drug-addicted mother’s boyfriends. 


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