Father Cuts Part Of Gaming Addict Son’s Head With Samurai Sword

The father was reportedly upset with his 20-year-old son because he didn’t have a job and all he did was play “video games all day long.”

Video Games

A father in Texas attacked his son with a samurai sword for playing video games all day despite being jobless. Naturally, having to deal with children who don’t have a direction in life or are generally less responsible, gets frustrating — but what Antonio Juan Alvarado did to teach his son a lesson was thoughtless and dangerous in itself.

The 57-year-old got so frustrated with his son, he swung a 3-foot katana sword at him, cutting the back of his head for playing video games all day long.

Alvarado was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The unnamed son went to the hospital to get his injuries treated. Alvarado first tried to flee the location in order to avoid police, but later he was detained by the officials.

This violence could have killed his son, all over video games.

This isn’t the first time someone attacked a loved one with a katana.

Earlier this year, an angry girlfriend made headlines for attacking her boyfriend with a samurai sword after his excessive video game playing made him lose his sex drive. His frustrated girlfriend, Emily Javier, became suspicious that he was cheating on her when he showed no interest in her and allegedly attacked him while he slept. The man, Alex Lovell, was found by authorities curled up in the couple's bedroom, bleeding with multiple lacerations and life-threatening injuries.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Bexar County Sherriff’s Office

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