Faulty Camera Plummets From The Sky Onto Olympic Spectators

At least two Olympic fans were injured and taken to the hospital after an aerial camera in Rio’s Olympic Park fell on them as they walked underneath it.

A television camera suspended by cables above the Olympic Park in Rio took a nosedive on Monday, injuring at least two women on the way down.

The aerial camera — located just outside the Olympic basketball arena — was being operated by Olympic Broadcasting Services, owned by the International Olympic Committee, according to The Washington Post.

The huge contraption left the two women bloodied and bruised while passersby looked on in horror; several of them captured the terrifying ordeal on their smartphones.

Shortly after the incident, reports surfaced that a total of seven people were injured by the defective camera. 

After the area was cleared and the women were transported to a hospital, officials put barricades around the crash site.

Chris Adams, an Olympic fan from Britain, reportedly said he heard the cable snap and watched the camera crash into the two women.

“It looked like a flying saucer coming through the air when it hit these two women,” Adams said. “This thing is big, and it shot through the air. It came down at such a speed that they wouldn't see it. They weren't expecting it.”

The unexpected mishap caused a great deal of chaos as people rushed to the scene to make sure the women were okay, according to Adams.

Luckily, no one was severely hurt as a result of this incident; however, this adds to the growing list of unfortunate events that have plagued the Rio Olympics since before they even began.

In addition to terrifying reports about how awful the Brazilian city’s water is, there have also been several robberies — including the mugging of four U.S. swimmers.

Stray bullets also landed twice in the equestrian venue of the Olympic complex, according to The Charlotte Observer, and two different Olympic pools mysteriously turned green.

We can’t forget the multiple times that Rio civilians tried to extinguish the coveted Olympic flame before the games got underway.

With just a few days left until the closing ceremony, let’s hope that we begin to see less of these disturbing events take place. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters 

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