Animal Cruelty Is Going To Be Treated Like Murder And Rape In The U.S.

The FBI is taking matters regarding animal cruelty into its own hands, and this new system will help protect animals in Ohio and across the country.

Animal cruelty is a common  practice all over the world, especially in countries like China where annual dog and cat meat festivals are held, butchering thousands of innocent animals mercilessly.

However, for the first time ever, the FBI is stepping up to deal with this issue, starting 2016 and will kick off with the tracking of animal cruelty cases in Ohio and across the country.

Up until now, animal cruelty usually came under an “others” category, thrown in with smaller, less serious crimes. But the intelligence and security service will now treat the inhumane behavior towards animal like bigger crimes like rape and murder, and maintain a national database for it.

 “This is the biggest change out of the FBI. This is a giant leap forward and people in law enforcement are hitting the ground running,” said Montgomery County Animal Resource Center officer Mark Kumpf.

Investigators will record and upload every cruelty case noticed on a database, where the matter will be put into one of four categories: animal neglect, torture, organized abuse, like dog fighting rings, and animal sex abuse.

The FBI will then use the data to find patterns of behavior and accordingly figure out ways to deal with animal cruelty.

“This is going to give not just national authorities, but local authorities the correlation between animal cruelty and child abuse and neglect, assaults, homicides, gang violence and show where those offenses occur and where others are also likely to occur,” Kumpf added.

The authorities are hoping the tracking of animal cruelty cases and building of a database will help the government come up with stricter laws, and eventually lead to a drop in the number of such incidents taking place.

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