FBI's Most Wanted Double Murder Suspect Does Bizarre Kiki Challenge

As soon as the suspect spotted a news crew filming him, he started dancing as he was led to nearby police cruiser.



This is officially the world's worst Kiki challenge attempt to date.

The viral video trend, aka "In My Feelings" challenge, has become a nuisance for the police in many countries and has led many people into brushes with the law.

However, in a recent example from Michigan, a man performed the bizarre routine after his brush with the law.

NBC Chicago reports a double-murder suspect, who was also on the FBI's Most Wanted list, attempted the Kiki challenge during custody exchange at an airport.

Antwan Mims was surrounded by security officials when he spotted the camera of a news crew, NBC affiliate WNDU 16, filming him. Within a second, he started dancing and gesturing as he was led to a nearby police cruiser on the tarmac.

Mims is accused of killing two men at a house party on Lavette Street in Benton Harbor on March 25.

In fact, "witnesses told police Mims had shot both men in the head at close range, then walked away as if nothing had happened," The Herald-Palladium reported.

Considering the charges, Mims' Kiki challenge is more concerning than hilarious.

"It makes you wonder where a person's mindset is to be that cold-blooded," McGinnis went on. "It's why he's so dangerous—to go up and do that, in front of all those witnesses is unconscionable."

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