FBI Wrapped Up Kavanaugh Probe Without Contacting These People

Republicans quickly jumped in and announced their satisfaction with the Bureau’s findings and also called the probe “thorough” and “comprehensive.”


President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was not an ideal candidate for the seat considering his views on Roe v. Wade – a landmark decision on the issue of the constitutionality of laws that criminalized or restricted access to abortions.

And now, sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh have made him a far more controversial nominee for the prestigious position. Not only that, he has also been accused of having a drinking problem and lying about it.

After mounting pressure from across the board, Trump ordered an FBI investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against his SCOTUS pick at the request of Senate Republicans.

At first, it emerged the Bureau had not contacted Kavanaugh’s most prominent and the first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, as her lawyers revealed they had not been contacted by the FBI. Then came news that the FBI had already wrapped up its investigation into the sexual assault allegations against the president’s SCOTUS nominee. The president and other members of the Republican Party quickly jumped in and announced their satisfaction with the Bureau’s findings and also called the probe “thorough” and “comprehensive.”

Although, under the much-touted “thorough” investigation, the FBI indeed contacted 10 people and ended up interviewing nine of them but they failed to interview or even contact a number of very important people linked with the case – including Kavanaugh himself.

Christine Blasey Ford

United States

The first accuser to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh was Ford. She recently appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee for one of the most momentous and consequential testimonies in years.

The Palo Alto university professor said she was 15-years-old when an older boy sexually assaulted her. She thought she was going to die at that high school party, pinned to an unfamiliar bed with a strong hand pressing down on her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

The one thing she remembered most clearly was how her alleged assailant and his friend, Mark Judge, who was also present in the room, laughed at her.

However, her lawyers said the Bureau failed to even contact them despite the fact that they wrote a letter to the investigators in which they said they have evidence and witnesses to assist them in the case.

Julie Swetnick


 The third person to accuse Kavanaugh was Julie Swetnick. Lawyer Michael Avenatti ,who is representing Kavanaugh’s third accuser, also requested the FBI to interview her client but he was told she would not be interviewed. 

She claimed she was drugged and gang raped at a high school party attended by Kavanaugh in the 1980s —  in a series of tweets, claiming she is a criminal whether she lied or told the truth.

Swetnick, who came forward when she heard what happened to Ford, said she observed Kavanaugh drinking excessively and spiking the punch during the parties. He also indulged in aggressive behavior towards girls, including, “grinding’ against girls, and attempting to remove or shift girls’ clothing to expose private body parts.”

Jeremiah Hanafin


One of the names of the witnesses that were provided to the FBI by Ford’s lawyer was Jeremiah Hanafin. He is a former FBI agent and is the one who conducted Ford’s polygraph examination regarding her allegation against Kavanaugh.

Russell Ford

He is Ford’s husband. He told in a sworn declaration that Ford told him about and their therapist in 2012 that she was sexually assaulted back in high school.

Keith Koegler

He is Ford’s friend who came to know about the sexual assault incident in 2016 when she told him. She later revealed Kavanaugh’s name when he was nominated to the court.

One other friend who knew about the alleged incident since many years include, Adela Gildo-Mazzon, Rebecca Olson, Kirsten Leimroth and Jim Gensheimer,.

Kerry Berchem

He is a former Yale classmate of Kavanaugh. He claimed he has a series of text messages that showed Kavanaugh had prior knowledge of the allegations that his second accuser Deborah Ramirez put on him. Berchem then contacted the FBI and told them about the messages but he didn’t hear back from the Bureau.

Kathleen Charlton

She is also a former Yale classmate who claimed she had information that the SCOTUS nominee knew about Ramirez’s allegations. She reached out to a senator and a FBI agent as well but the Bureau never contacted her for an interview or a statement.


Bryan Cole

He is a former Yale classmate and Ramirez’s college friend.

“That it would happen to a woman and she would not feel comfortable to speak about it doesn’t surprise me either a bit. Among some groups, that was the culture. There’s no excuse for that behavior, and unfortunately, guys like Kavanaugh still felt they could behave that way, especially when drinking,” he said.

James Roche

He is one of Kavanaugh’s freshman-year roommates who said the SCOTUS nominee is a heavy drinker.

“Although Brett was normally reserved, he was a notably heavy drinker, even by the standards of the time, and that he became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk,” he said.

He contacted the FBI and told them he was ready to give his private account. However, he was never contacted.

Ramirez’s lawyer also provided the FBI with the names of more than 20 witnesses but they were also not contacted by the FBI. Moreover, a number of residential hall neighbors of Kavanaugh and Yale classmates were not interviewed by the FBI nor were their statements recorded.

The fact that all of these important people, who could have provided an insight into the allegations and would have also given links that could have helped investigators to move ahead in the probe, were not interviewed or contacted goes to show the credibility of it.

Moreover, the support from Republicans for the investigation just goes to show that they don’t care whether the probe was focused or not. As long as it is what they wanted, they are “satisfied” with it. The entire incident and the developments after it just paint a terrifying picture of the flawed political and justice system.

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