Man Accused Of Murdering 60 Avoids Extradition Over Fear Of Flying

Murderer won't be extradited back to Russia to face justice because lawyers say he developed a rare kind of phobia that could cost him his life.

Russian police officer standing outside of Sochi's airport.

An alleged murderer who apparently showed no mercy to his dozens of victims is now asking Vienna authorities to go soft on him, as he suffers from aerophobia and cannot be extradited to Russia to face justice.

Russian man Aslan Gagiev stands accused of murdering 60 people. Known as Djako, he was out on a plane headed for Russia but had to be brought back because his attorneys say he suffers from a rare phobia that would end up killing him.

After Russian authorities tipped Vienna authorities, Gagiev was arrested in January 2015. He is believed to have been the mastermind of Russia’s most deadly and brutal criminal groups. Since 2004, Gagiev and his group are believed to have been involved in the murders of bankers, government officials, law enforcers, and businessmen.

After the Vienna High Court and Austria’s Minister of Justice approved Gagiev’s deportation, his lawyers presented officials with medical documents stating that during his incarceration, he developed a “rare form of aerophobia, in which the accused simply cannot survive the flight to Russia.”

If the Russian extradition order stands and European authorities support it, Gagiev's lawyers said they will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to keep him in Vienna.

Despite their claims, Russian authorities say they are optimistic that Gagiev will be extradited by January.

Despite his alleged fear of flying, Gagiev was caught at the Austrian-Bulgarian border with a fake Bulgarian passport, making us wonder whether he was going to at least try to fly somewhere if he hadn’t been caught.

Perhaps, his sudden fear of flying has something to do with the fact that Russia has some of the toughest prisons in the world. Considering the murders he allegedly committed, we figure he might not be the best-treated inmate whenever he eventually arrives in his homeland.

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