FedEx Truck Splits In Half As Train Slams Through It

A dashcam video released by the North Salt Lake Police Department shows the shocking moment a passenger train crashes through a FedEx truck in Utah.

It's hard to believe no one was hurt in a terrifying train vs. truck collision caught on camera.

A Utah Transit Authority (UTA) commuter train was traveling in North Salt Lake making its way through a snowstorm when it crashed into a FedEx cargo truck.

The high impact collision caused the truck to split into half, sending packages flying into the air, scattering them across the roadway.

"The first trailer behind the semi was pretty much cut in half by the train," said Chief Jeff Barrett of the South Davis Metro Fire Department. "They quickly assessed the drivers, who were uninjured, and then we had crews get on the train and start evaluating passengers."

Around 82 people were present on the train and luckily none of them got injured. Dashboard camera footage of the accident released by authorities shows that at the time of the crash, the crossing gate arms were up and flashing lights and alarm bells were not activated.

"The agency has never had an accident like this before, and UTA is investigating why and how it happened to ensure it doesn't occur again," the agency said.

 “We are aware of the incident in Salt Lake City and are grateful that no one was seriously injured. We worked with authorities during their investigation to quickly clean up the scene and minimize the impact on customers," FedEx wrote in a statement to FOX 13.

The UTA has not ruled out the possibility of human error that could have caused the horrific crash. The plans to carry out investigations with workers present at the scene.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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