FEMA Website Mysteriously Scrubs Statistics On Puerto Rico’s Resources

The Federal Emergency Management Agency removed statistics about Puerto Rico's water and power access from its website with virtually no explanation.

Spray-painted sign asking for help from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

As Puerto Rico remains in dire conditions following Hurricane Maria, it seems as though President Donald Trump wants to redirect the world’s attention away from the United States territory’s plight.

As of Thursday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website removed its statistics on water access and electricity in Puerto Rico.

Prior to pulling the information, FEMA was reporting that just half of Puerto Ricans had access to drinking water, while only 5 percent of the entire island had electricity, Uproxx reports.

William Booher, a spokesman for FEMA, reportedly pointed out that both calculations are still being reported on a website operated by the office of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello; however, he offered no explanation as to why they were removed from FEMA’s site.

Ironically enough, the bleak statistics were replaced by other numbers that appear to align with Trump’s proclamations that the island is doing well and on the fast track to recovery.

The site now simply mentions the increased amount of federal works on the ground in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, cleared roadways, the reopening of airports, hospitals, grocery stores, and airports.

FEMA appears to be following Trump's lead in treating the displaced residents of Puerto Rico like forgotten Americans, presumably thinking that if they simply erase Puerto Rico's problems by removing them from the public eye, the outcry urging them to help will also cease.  

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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