Cop Hurls Girl To The Ground By Her Hair, Punches Her Repeatedly

The police officer first kept pushing the girl, then suddenly grabbed her hair and hurled her to the ground. She then straddled her and started punching her face.

A brawl, apparently between two families in Southwest Philadelphia, has been caught on tape. But what’s chilling is not the fight itself, but the interaction between a female police officer and a 16-year-old girl.

An Instagram video of the incident show a whole crowd of people out on the street involved in a fist fight and a couple of police officers trying to restore order.

Then about 30 seconds into the video, a female officer with a baton is seen entering into the melee and confronting a young girl. That’s when things start getting really messy.

The girl, it seems, is trying to negotiate with the officer, but the officer keeps looming over her. The teenager reaches out a hand to stop the officer who kept pushing her, but suddenly, she is grabbed by the hair and flipped to the ground by the cop.

The officer then sits atop the girl and starts punching her in rapid succession. After delivering around 10 blows, she sits up and grabs the teen’s hands. Other people, probably the girl’s family, quickly come up to the pair and try to get the cop off her. She finally relents and other cops come in to put an end to it.

The girl was then taken to a hospital after she complained of neck pains and is now being charged with assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and other related charges.

However, a witness said the girl was only trying to break up the fight.

The incident is currently under investigation, however, once the video was released, the female cop was suspended and taken off the streets.

Police later announced that the 16-year-old girl admitted to hitting the officer “in the face, knocking the glasses off the officer’s face (and) breaking them.”

The video has prompted enraged responses from social media users.

The assault captured the notice of Asa Khalif of Pennsylvania’s Black Lives Matter chapter, who watched various versions of the video and deduced the cop was “completely out of control.”

“The officer has a reputation for specifically getting in black girls' faces in a ‘you think you're bad, I'll show you what bad is’ way,” he stated. “Maybe she should quit the force and join the WWE or MMA since she thinks she's the black Ronda Rousey. You can see that spirit in her when things started escalating again.”

He also said the unpleasant confrontation could have been averted if the cop had used her training to defuse the situation and calmed the girl down instead of hurling her to the ground "by her hair, no less."

“I'll never blame a child when an adult could have defused the situation. Now, she's the star of the show,” Khalif said.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stephen Lam

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