Female Doctors Earn $20,000 Less Than Male Counterparts

JAMA Internal Medicine released a study that indicates female doctors in the United States are paid $20,000 less annually than their male colleagues.

Women in the medical field are outraged as a recent gender pay gap study found that "female doctors will lose $1 million in pay by the time they reach retirement," The Guardian reported.

The report showed records from more than 10,000 academic doctors to demonstrate how universal the gender inequality issue truly is.

Their research found that women are paid $50,000 less a year than men in the medical field, with a pay gap of almost $20,000 after experience is considered.


Unfortunately, some of the best female doctors in the world may decline jobs in certain medical offices due to unfair wages.

Anupam B. Jena, the first author of the research from Harvard Medical School said, “How can we expect to continue to attract the most talented women into the field if we don’t fix this issue?”

While researchers factored in seniority, age, medical specialty, and research productivity, the fact that women are still earning less than men is unacceptable.

Diana Lautenberger, director of women in medicine and science at the Association of American Medical Colleges, analyzed that the current gender pay gap in the medical field could impact women in the future.

“Based on these figures, a woman could be looking at a difference of around $1 million by the time she retires,” she said.  

People need to be informed of the continuous issue of gender wage gap in the United States and the knowledge from this recent study should encourage women in the medical field to negotiate for higher salaries. 

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