Woman Gets Punched In The Face For Parking Crooked

“He knocked my front tooth out, I had just had surgery on my foot. I had never even seen this guy before. It was really scary.”

A female Lyft driver was assaulted for parking her car “crooked” at a gas station in Santa Ana, California, according to  ABC 11 News.

The violent incident was captured on camera by the victim, identified only as Terri, and occurred at an Arco gas station near the corner of Main Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

Terri told police the man, who has yet to be identified but who arrived in a red Honda, went ballistic over a parking spot and confronted her because her car was parked a little crooked. She said she apologized to the man and corrected her parking, but apparently, that was not enough to mollify him.

“I turned around and saw that he was backing up and I thought that he may be backing up into my car because he was being so irrational,” Terri recounted.

“I had never even seen this guy before,” she added. “It was really scary.”

As the man approached her, Terri quickly took out her phone and began recording the confrontation.

“This guy is like really starting problems,” Terri’s voice can be heard in the recording.

The already angry man became even more furious when he saw the Lyft driver taping him and without further ado, punched her in the face.

The video went momentarily red as Terri dropped her phone, yelling in pain. The man continued his relentless attack, and at one point, the Lyft driver was heard telling him to stop.

Fortunately, Terri had a passenger in the car who went into the gas station to get help.

Terri told the authorities she didn’t understand how such a little mistake could make someone fly into such rage.

“He knocked my front tooth out, I had just had surgery on my foot,” she said.

The authorities are now seeking the public’s help in tracking down the man, whose face can be clearly seen in the video.

Cases of intolerance are hardly a rarity these days, as America is witnessing an unprecedented surge in assaults ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election.

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