Female News Anchors In Egypt Suspended For Being Overweight

Female employees working at an Egyptian television station have been suspended for being obese and could only return with a different physical look.

Many women feel insecure about their body weight on a daily basis and now for eight female employees in Egypt, they are being punished for their outward appearance.

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has suspended eight of its female broadcasters for being overweight, the Independent reported.

The broadcasting company told the women that they could go back to their jobs once they had an “appropriate appearance” and were given one month to lose weight.

One of the women fired from an Egyptian media company, Khadija Khattab

Women’s rights groups were appalled by the company’s sexist action and actively voiced their concerns.

The Women’s Centre for Guidance and Legal Awareness said on Facebook that the act of suspending these women because of their weight “violates the constitution” and that it was a form of violence against women.

The activist group also wanted the media organization to apologize to the women for the suspension and to reverse their decision.

ERTU responded through the media and said the decision will not be reversed, yet the women will be paid while on suspension.

Khadija Khattab told Al Watan, a Saudi newspaper, that the suspension was “humiliating and scandalous” and that she wanted the public to judge if she was obese and whether or not she deserved to be suspended.

Another female employee that was expelled from her job at the news station said that her family was upset by the action and that it should have been a private matter.

This discrimination towards women regarding their body weight is appalling, especially in the workplace where people should feel secure with themselves. 

Banner Image Credit: Go Egypt Go, Twitter

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