Israeli Forces Fatally Shoot Palestinian Paramedic In Gaza

A female paramedic was shot in the chest by Israeli forces during the ongoing protest in Gaza. She was a volunteer working with the Palestinian Health Ministry.



Israeli forces fatally shot Razan al-Najjar, 21, a Palestinian paramedic, on Friday. She was inside the Gaza Strip when targeted and killed.

As Palestinian protesters continue to participate in the Great March of Return, Israeli forces continue to target them, injuring and killing unarmed activists.

According to the Middle East Eye, 100 Palestinians were injured on Friday alone. Forty of them were hit with live ammunition.

Al-Najjar was reportedly near Khan Yunis when she was shot in the chest. Hers is one of the 123 lives taken by Israeli forces since March 30.



Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Health Ministry, said al-Najjar volunteered as a paramedic. She was wearing a white uniform at the time Israeli forces shot her.

Israeli officials didn’t immediately confirm the incident, saying instead that “thousands of rioters” showed up along the border in different locations. In one instance, Israeli officials said, one Palestinian ran into Israel and planted a grenade, returning to Gaza afterward.

They accused protesters of “burning tires adjacent to the security fence and attempting to damage security infrastructure,” and said that Israeli forces were acting “in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

Protesters are demanding that Israel give Palestinians who were expelled or forced out of their lands in 1948 their homes back. But as the protests carry on, we continue to hear of Israeli forces attacking Palestinians who are not armed or provoking officials.

On Tuesday, however, Hamas militants allegedly attacked Israel with a barrage of rockets and mortars. Israeli forces then responded with aerial bombardments, targeting 65 locations in Gaza.

Following her killing, al-Najjar should not be forgotten. May her memory live on among those touched by her willingness to help. And may this protest put pressure on international leaders so that Israel is finally urged to stop its military occupation of Palestine.

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