Female Politician Claps Back At Male Colleague For Interrupting Her

The internet has found a new hero in Australian senator Penny Wong who shut down a male colleague who wouldn’t let her speak uninterrupted.

Last week, United States Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) made headlines for being interrupted by a male colleague twice in one week. This week, an Australian politician experienced the same treatment. 

Penny Wong, the leader of the opposition in the Australian senate is frequently interrupted by Liberal National senator and Father of the house, Ian Macdonald, according to The Independent.

On Wednesday, however, Wong finally had enough of Macdonald’s shenanigans and clapped back stronger than ever.

While Wong was speaking during a senate hearing, Macdonald made some inaudible remarks that didn’t seem to sit well with her as she replied:

“Thank you, Mr. President ... the senator Macdonald really does have an unhealthy obsession with me. But I digress.”

Wong — who is openly lesbian — had another quip for Macdonald that sarcastically referenced her sexuality after she was interrupted by him yet again.

“You’re not my type either, mate, don’t worry about it,” she said. 

Naturally, she received well-deserved applause from the internet for her feisty quick wit.

Strong and gutsy women like Wong and Harris are keeping the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” movement alive and well, continuing to set an example for women in male-dominated fields who face misogyny head on daily. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Crawford Forum 

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