Millionaire Saudi Woman Offers To Pay For Marriage On Live TV

Offering money to find a life partner seems to be growing trend among Saudi women.

A 40-year-old Saudi woman recently appeared on national television to find herself a suitable life partner and she is willing to pay for it.

In a country like Saudi Arabia, with strict male guardianship laws, this was more than eye-popping.

The woman made the statement on "Zawaya Al Zeer", a live program aired on local channel Al Resala, reported StepFEED. 

"I inherited millions from my father after he died. When he was alive he never allowed me to get married, as he worried that men would only want to marry me because of our fortune," she said. 

The woman went on to explain that she does not want to marry a young man, and would even marry someone with a wife, provided that he treats her right.

"I'd have no problem with a polygamous marriage, if the man can treat me and his first wife equally. I don't want to marry a young, single man because I feel that would be unfair to him," she added.

The woman explained she wants the man to love her for her personality and not her wealth.

While this may seem ludicrous to some, offering money to find a life partner seems oddly normal for Saudi women. Several such cases have been reported in the past years in what seems to be growing trend.

According to Arabian Business, in 2012, a Saudi woman was willing to pay SAR 5 million ($1.33 million) to find a husband; her only condition was that her future husband should “appreciate marital life.”

“It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties… He will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which I will reveal to him later.”

In October 2014, a UAE news site reported that thousands of men proposed to a millionaire Saudi businesswoman who announced that she was looking to get married on Twitter.

“I am a divorcee, looking for a man to love me. I have 100 million riyals [$26.7 million] which I inherited from my father, and I have a company that I manage. I am 39 years old,” she wrote in her post.

Meanwhile, one female millionaire from Saudi Arabia, with an inheritance of more than 7 million riyals ($ 1.87 million), posed as poor to find someone who genuinely falls for her and not her wealth.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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